Smoothies for weight loss and body cleansing

Drinking "live" cocktails is called a detox diet. That is, the smoothie diet for weight loss also helps the body to cleanse itself of toxins and waste. In addition, this type of diet will introduce you to new foods and recipes. But smoothies also have contraindications. . .

A healthy smoothie that gets rid of excess weight and cleanses the body

Benefits of smoothies

  1. These drinkshelps you lose weight without giving up sweetsand switching to a strict, "bad" diet.
  2. There are many recipes (as well as flavors) for smoothies - you can choose the one that suits your wallet, taste and body needs.You can cook it yourself, using a blender.
  3. Thick smoothies fill you up quickly, replacing your usual meal. They are consumed on the run (in the subway, while driving, while walking), so this type of diet delights students, young mothers, and careerists. But: the glass should not be swallowed in one gulp - smoothies are drunk slowly.
  4. These drinks begin to be absorbed faster than solid food, so they will not overload the stomach even when consumed late.
  5. The diet is suitable for vegans and raw foodists.
  6. Lose up to -2 kg in 3 days with smoothies.

For whom this diet is not suitable: contraindications

  • Kidney and liver problems. With a smoothie diet, these organs are forced to work harder. If they are already unable to cope, there is no need to risk it.
  • Disorders in the gastrointestinal tract(frequent diarrhea, intestinal disorders). Smoothies are predominantly fibrous. By cleaning the stomach and intestines, the drink will only worsen the mentioned problems of the internal organs.
  • Pregnancy, breastfeeding. In this period of life, strict diets and sudden weight loss are contraindicated.
  • Allergies, intolerance to a certain product. If you're probably already familiar with some of the products, then "trendy" (spirulina, lavender, acai berry, bee bread) are the words most people read for the first time. There is no need for uncontrolled use of such products - start with a food allergy test (conducted in medical laboratories) or at least introduce the body to new products by introducing them little by little.

Finally, dentists are annoyed by drinking smoothies all the time. Doctors say sohuman teeth must chew solid food every day, and it is better to eat the same apples in their "material" form - in this way, plaque will not accumulate on the teeth, and the gums will receive a daily "massage". So you shouldn't "live" on smoothies.

What are the principles for preparing diet smoothies?

It seems that it couldn't be simpler: put everything fresh that you like (or find in the fridge) in a blender and blend. Well, you can also consider your friends' reviews.

Various slimming smoothies are prepared from fresh ingredients

But not everything is so simple!Cocktail recipes have different functions: help fight stress or anemia, liver health, weight loss. So, before you prepare this or that drink, check how this composition will affect the body.

Besides,You must cook only from fresh ingredients. You can also use frozen raw materials, but the freezing must be correct (shock or instant).

Three types of such drinks

waking up (morning)

Smoothies with a high juice and carbohydrate content. Their task is to set the tone and start the gastrointestinal tract.

The recipe may include: bananas, yogurt or cottage cheese, flax seeds, quinoa, steamed oatmeal.

Sample recipe:

  • 200 ml of soy milk;
  • 1 banana;
  • 2 tablespoons of almond paste;
  • 40 ml of maple syrup or honey;
  • 40 ml of coffee (preferably espresso).

Nutritional (daily)

Actually,this is a complete lunch.

To "destroy" hunger and give your body strength for the rest of the day, the following will help you: kale, spinach, spirulina, chia seeds, soy milk.

Sample recipe:

  • 200 ml of pineapple juice;
  • 100 ml of coconut milk;
  • 1 banana;
  • 3 large strawberries.

Calming down (evening)

No extra calories, just fast-digesting food that doesn't burden your stomach.

In such compositions, add: herbal preparations, coconut or almond milk.

Sample recipe. Pour a glass of hot (at least 70 degrees) water:

  • sprig of fresh mint;
  • 2-3 stalks of lavender;
  • a lime wedge.

When cooked, blend in a blender and sweeten with honey.

What can be added to such drinks?

The basis of the "living" cocktail will bevegetables(except potatoes)fruit, berries, cereal flakes, nuts, low-fat sour milk.

The following components can enhance the detox effect of each smoothie, as well as make the taste of each drink interesting (thereby diversifying the diet menu for 5, 7 days):

  • blue spirulina(this mountain algae will fill the cocktail with proteins and give it an impressive heavenly hue);
  • pollen or pollen(this source of vitamins can be found in pharmacies and bee markets);
  • acai(a valuable antioxidant - a berry from the Amazon that can be used fresh or frozen);
  • maple syrup or honey(a healthy sweetener, but check the ingredients before buying such a product);
  • ginger(an "immune enhancer" that will make the drink spicier);
  • poppies(food and relax);
  • cocoa powder(source of caffeine, as well as "chocolate mood").

But adding salt and sugar is not recommended. Do not even get carried away with honey - it is still a high-calorie product.

Storage of finished formulations

in general,Most smoothies can be stored for up to 12 hours in a clean, sealed container.. But - only in a refrigerator or a thermal bag that allows you to store food at a temperature of +7 degrees Celsius. That is, smoothies are often prepared in the evening so that you can throw a glass in the car and have breakfast on the way to work.

In the cold half of the year, cocktails should not be cooled, but heated (but so that the temperature of the product does not exceed +50 degrees). The easiest way is to add boiling water to fruits and vegetables. Winter "immune" components will also not be superfluous: echinacea tincture, rosehip decoction, ginger, turmeric, royal jelly and other bee products.

How to properly drink these drinks

  1. This is the main food. Not dessert or compote. So don't drink soups and chops with a glass of smoothie.
  2. I was on this diet for a week,give up fatty, fried foodand other tasty, but excessively high-calorie dishes.
  3. They cooked and drank. "Live" cocktails should not be shaken for future use. Vitamins suffer from storage (and the drink itself can darken unsightly).
  4. In order for the results of the diet to be impressive, you not only need to take care of the breakdown of fat, but alsosaturate your body with clean water as much as possible. This will help to remove toxins and keep the skin toned. Therefore, when losing weight, replace your usual coffee and tea with water - plain drinking water or still mineral water. No, tea and coffee are not prohibited. But allow yourself no more than 2 cups a day - but drink about 1. 5 liters of water.
  5. Smoothies can be prepared with diet drinks, but add more liquid to keep the cocktails from being pureed. Important: do not forget that the drink diet is useful only for the first month - after the 30th day such a diet can be harmful.

Can I drink on an empty stomach?

Nutritionists are sure: it's not worth it. On an empty stomach, it is better to drink water with apple cider vinegar (lemon juice) - it will "wake up" the body. And only after 30 minutes, prepare your smoothie.

Otherwise, after such a cocktail you will no longer need a solid breakfast. In terms of calories and volume, a smoothie is a complete meal. But if you are not full, drink a "living" cocktail 30-40 minutes before eating (this applies to lunch and dinner as well).

Is it possible to drink a smoothie at night?

Possible, but not recommended. The fact is that the drink contains raw vegetables and fruits. This means that such food should be consumed in the first half of the day, when the activity of the stomach is maximal.

However, if you want, it is better to make such a cocktail for yourself than to "make a mistake" with a plate of cutlets.

Seven-day diet for detox drinks

An effective but unusual diet for our people.

Vegetable and fruit smoothies in a 7-day detox diet

Some women, wanting to further increase the achieved results, add a diet to their modest diet.sports load. But remember: in this case, we are dealing with a reduced calorie diet - which means that it is important not to overdo it with fitness. Don't bother with dumbbell exercises or half-hour lunges and squats. Allow yourself a bike ride or a walk in the fresh air. But you can limit yourself to daily morning exercises.


1. 5 liters of water and4 fruit and berry smoothies. The latter is better divided not into 4, but into 6-8 meals. Choose fresh products, but they are also possible frozen.

Avoid high-calorie sweeteners (honey, maple syrup). And, of course, without sugar.


4 fruit smoothies of 250 ml each.

But, apart from honey, sweet dried fruits, grapes and bananas are forbidden on this day.


On Wednesday, you can prepare not only fruit smoothies, but also vegetables.

You should choose vegetables that "lose weight" the most - say, celery, cucumbers. At the same time, you shouldn't try to "season the pill" by adding salt to your meal. Also, don't add hot spices that will make you want more.


The required 4 smoothies can be supplemented with breakfast or dinner consisting ofhandfuls of cooked rice, as well as roasted or boiled vegetables.


4 cocktails +portion of lean meat(veal, beef, chicken, turkey or rabbit). It is important that the meat is cooked properly, according to the principle of healthy nutrition. Boil the piece (in water or steam) or bake it.

When baking chicken fillets, many are afraid that they will dry out too much in the oven, so they brush the chicken with oil - instead, it is better to wrap the fillet in baking parchment. In this way, it will turn out juicy - and without additional calories.


  1. Breakfast: buckwheat or oatmeal (or steamed flakes).
  2. Dinner: light meat with vegetables. You can cook anything - pieces of beef stewed with cabbage, steamed chicken cutlet with steamed vegetables, stewed with rabbit.
  3. Dinner: a serving of unsweetened yogurt or cottage cheese.


Same dishes as on Saturday. However, instead of meat, cookfish. But it is worth buying a variety with a low fat content (hake, cod, mint, whiting, pike).

You should come out of this diet slowly. On the eighth day, allow yourself one forbidden food (or slightly increase the portions of permitted, low-fat, healthy food).

Reviews of smoothie diets

Satisfied womenwho have tried losing weight with "living" cocktails brag:

  • this diet is delicious and satisfying;
  • it's trendy, stylish, youthful (and also on Instagram), and there's also no shame in taking a glass of smoothie to class or work;
  • colorful cocktails delight the eye;
  • you can cook from anything (even tomatoes with a stalk of celery, even strawberries with milk);
  • cooking is simple - no standing at the stove (the dream of a career woman or student during a session);
  • such a diet cleanses the body;
  • in the whole diet there is a pleasant lightness in the body, which does not border on impotence, but on tone;
  • such a diet improves the complexion;
  • in 2 weeks you can lose -8 kg.

However, not everyone's weight loss went smoothly. There are few negative reviews, but they still exist. And here's what they write: in the off-season, such food is expensive (however, you won't be able to buy the same spirulina in the summer), and the recipes are not suitable for convinced carnivores - they will be tormented by severe hunger.