Bentolit Buy in Pharmacy

Bentolite! A quick drink for weight loss based on bentonite clay is a new way of losing weight without fitness and diet. Natural composition. It does not cause side effects. For women and men from 18 years.

We draw your attention! To date, no pharmacy in Hungary has received a license to sell beverages. You can buy the original Bentolit drink only through the official website.

How to place an order and can I order delivery

To purchase Bentolit in Hungary in the blank fields of the order form, enter your name and your feedback phone number. In the near future, you will be contacted by a company expert, advised on the product, state the address and delivery date. After confirming the order, you can pick up the drink at the nearest post office in 2-7 days.

Additional information:

  • Delivery time depends on city
  • Shipping costs are not included in the price of drinks
  • No prepayment required - payment is due upon receipt

Beware of counterfeits. Only the official Bentolit website guarantees 100% product authenticity (beverage properties and result of use).